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What We Do

For adults

Our programmes help you to lose weight in a safe sustainable manner and keep it off for good. Programme features:

  • Expert guidance and support from our team of weight management practitioners.
  • Get guidance on eating a healthy balanced diet and managing your portion (serving sizes). No foods are banned!
  • Get support to help you be more physically active in your daily life.
  • Help to build your confidence and motivation to make changes.
  • Get tips to help manage lapses, difficult situations, unhelpful thinking and cravings.
  • Attain guidance on choosing healthier options when shopping and eating out.
  • Support to help you maintain your changes and keep the weight off for good!

ACE offers a range of services which are available free on the NHS for adults age 18 or over.


For children and young people

C.H.I.M.P.S (for primary school aged children) and D.E.A.L (for secondary school aged children) combine fun physical activity sessions for children/teens and nutrition/behaviour change sessions for parents.

The sessions are designed to encourage and support families in maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy weight.

To visit our Child Weight Management page for more information please click here.