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“I think this is an excellent health service initiative. I have been impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the positive encouragement and reinforcement of positive efforts. I also think the sessions on portions and reading labels were particularly helpful to me. Finally the on-going weekly monitoring following the course will be great motivator and incentive to progress further. Many thanks to the staff for all their help.”

“I do not think it can be (improved). It is excellent. For the first time in my life I properly understand what constitutes a healthy diet and what a portion is. This programme has been life changing for me and the advice, support and encouragement from the facilitators has been wonderful. Thank you to all those concerned for the excellent materials and the programme.” 

“This has been a brilliantly positive course for me and has helped me to gain a greater understanding of my eating habits and a healthier lifestyle. I would recommend this to anyone who needs that encouragement and pointing in the right direction.”

“This group has been wonderful; it has made me realise what I have to do to make myself healthy.  I will keep up the programme.  It has changed my life.  The two ladies who presented this programme were wonderful and have given me the confidence and willpower to lose weight and most importantly keep it off for life, and save the NHS money. Thank you.”

“I have already recommended the programme!  Having spent many years yo-yo dieting, I never wanted to make any permanent healthier changes – that prospect seemed like a life sentence of dieting!!  I hated dieting; it was a misery, I was a misery and I spread the misery to all those around me.  Now thanks to the Shape-Up programme I am losing weight and feeling much better for my new eating habits!  Far from being a prisoner, I feel liberated!  I am now in control of my eating, it no longer controls me.  Thank you so much."

“I have found the programme very worthwhile.  Introducing steps one week at a time has helped me build the tools that I will be able to confidently use to continue my weight loss."